Where’s my wagon?

Since returning from our wonderful vacation in Mexico, I have been struggling to get back on the wagon. I was up 5 lbs upon our return, but I figured that a lot of that was Motrin bloat & water weight from flying, and I thought it would fall off.  However, not much of it has shifted, and I have nobody to blame but myself!

First there was the justification of it being my 40th birthday and that I “deserved” to indulge; then a stressful week of household and work issues; a couple of cream teas with friends; dinner out with my husband; and tonight will be my belated birthday party with friends.  My points have been way over my target every day since I got back.

I typically do well for the first half of the day, then it all goes to heck by the evening.  I’m still tracking, and getting a decent number of steps, but the points need to be reined in and I know I should be actually running/sweating for exercise, not just walking.

Time to recommit and set a new goal if I don’t want to undo all my hard work. Here’s to being at or under 205 by July 4th.

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