10 years ago I lost 90 lbs in a year following the Weight Watchers Plan.  People admired my success and looked to me for inspiration.  My user name was “wwpostergirl”, for crying out loud!  I kept most of it off for 6 years.  But then I acquired two kids and two jobs, and my old stress-eating habits slowly returned.  Now I find myself in the embarrassing position of having gained almost all of that weight back.

The first step to changing your life is to acknowledge your current position.  This is no longer purely an aesthetic issue of clothes not fitting.  It is no longer an issue of pride, of having failed.  It is a health issue.  I am only 35.  My knees shouldn’t hurt when I bend down to pick up a toy.  I shouldn’t be out of breath when I shovel snow.  My back shouldn’t ache all day when I have to sit in the car for a long time.  I shouldn’t need a nap every day just to make it past 8.30pm.

This is my quest to reclaim my health & my life.  I don’t need to be supermodel skinny, or wear a bikini again.  I just need to be relatively healthy so I can do my job and be around to see my kids grow up.


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